Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Postscript - Rod Stewart

Just as a postscript to this mornings entry regarding Rod Stewart.

Napster are featuring his new album "Still The Same - Great Rock Classics of our Time".

I've been streaming it today in the office.

Its fucking awful and I'm ashamed to admit that I used to be a big fan.

It really is awful, just dreadful.

And worse still - its apparently gone straight to number one in the American album chart - shame on you Americans for proving what we British always suspected - you have no taste.

The choice of songs is a mystery for a start, remember the title "Great Rock Classics of our Time" ? Have a browse through this lot...

Have you ever seen the rain
Fooled around and fell in love
I'll stand by you
Still the same
Its a heartache
Day after day
Missing you
Father & son
The best of my love
If not for you
Love hurts
Everything I own
Crazy Love
Lay down Sally

Rock Classics ?

Do me a favour.

Its obvious, clearly obvious that Mr Stewart has lost it - I'm no musician but even I can tell just by listening to the dreadfull album that all of the above songs have been selected simply because they are in a single key and are by and large sung in a monotone style - he's lost the ability to sing properly and now simply speaks the words to each of the songs in a similar manner to Johnny Cash on his last album "Hurt" - but at least Johnny Cash had an excuse - he was dying.

There are two stand out songs for awfulness on there - the Bob Seger classic "Still the Same" and the Eric Clapton classic "Lay Down Sally" - both of these renditions would be boo'ed off in any pub kareoke competition.

"Best of my Love" the Eagles classic love song is just a laughable dirge at the hands of the 2006 version of Rod Stewart as is the Cat Stevens "Father & Son", I'm shaking my head in amazement and sorrow at how poor a singer he is now.

At least I didn't buy those tickets to see him at Newcastle arena.

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