Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A little project...

This here is a little writing project that I've been partaking of recently involving the life of a young bloke in 1970 - a young bloke who seems to live in the same sort of area of Leeds that I used to live in when I was a young bloke, who supports the same rugby legue team that I supported when I was a young bloke, and who's social life revolves around drinking beer with his mates like mine used to.

But its not autobiographical, oh no.

Its based loosely on fact though - the fixtures, scores and players mentioned in the story are for real, I've taken them from the 1969/70 supporters handbook that I have at home after I rescued it from the clearout of my fathers house a few years ago.

Its also involved me doing a bit of research into news story's of the time but more importantly the attitudes of the time, in particular the attitudes of the different generations of men towards women and race - it was a very different time and hopefully some of the writing will offend - its supposed to.

There is a little problem though.

I've written it for another project somewhere else on t'interweb and never intended to put it into a blog format, but have. Problem is of course that as I write each chapter they are posted in date order, so the first chapter appears at the bottom of the pile and you have to read upwards through the blog to get it into some sort of order - does anyone know of a way to post items in anything but date order in a blog ?

Oh yes, there's another piece of writing what I have wrote here - this one is set in 1968 and , erm, its set in the same area and, erm, during the same period, and erm, its nothing like the other one, not much anyway.

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