Friday, March 23, 2007

Got to dash...

Have to be in Hull for 10.30 so must dash - flogging our top-end piece of kit to a client today and am going for a record, have sold one on each day so far this week, one a week is good going, five in a week would be unheard of.

So I'mm all dressed up in my black suit, black shoes and I picked a dark grey Jasper Conran shirt to go with the ensemble with no tie, casual friday and all that jazz - whats the betting that the place I'm going to is a factory that makes filthy scruffy things and the owner that I'm meeting is one of those who gets his hands dirty on the shopfloor and isn't easily impressed by men in suits ?

This manflu that I've had for two weeks now has gone to my throat so I can hardly talk anymore and what comes out is several octaves lower than my normal voice, a bit like playing a Barry White album at a slower speed setting so with my black ensemble I'm seriously thinking of taking something to give me a musical backing when I walk in the room, something that will play "I walk the line" and I can announce "Hi, I'm Johnny Cash" in my new bassline deep throat to make that first impression count.

Back later.

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