Saturday, March 10, 2007

In and switched back on...

In the new house !!!

Virgin Media arrived this morning as promised and connected our cable TV connection, telephone and cable broadband so this afternoon I've rushed out and purchased a wireless network to, erm, save me having to run wires all over the house as the daughters want t'interweb connections in their bedrooms, at 18 and 14 years of age I think they are sensible enough, after all, they let me on t'interweb and I'm 50.

So this laptop is working wirelessly and I'm just about to install the dongle thingy-mabob on Amanda's laptop, then we'll pop upstairs and see if it works.

Moving day went very smoothly, our removal van turned up as promised with all of the stuff they'd packed on Thursday and the last bits went out of the door leaving us to clean up the house, lock up and clear off.

Had no regrets selling the house, the profit we have made in downsizing to this new one will dig us out of a getting-deeper financial hole that we have found ourselves in recently and while we could have carried on for years owing everyone and his dog repayments on loans and credit cards, we didn't have baliffs at the door after all, not at home anyway, not unless you count the bloke from the leasing company who came looking for one of the cars in January - we were out - but we both want to wipe out all debt and spend the next ten years saving instead.

By this time next week that will have been achieved.
We will owe no-one, anything, not one bean.
I can't tell you how good that feels.

Work is something different but hopefully in the next month I will have signed a way most of my share of the business and Suzanne will have sold all of her shares and we will be employees on a regular salary, sales bonus and shareholders dividend at the end of the year - again I can't tell you how good that feels - owning and running your own business is risky and I have discovered the hard way how risky it can be in the last two years - I want rid of the whole thing and i want someone else to stick their head on the block for a change, the people that we are teaming up with are quite happy to be the fallguys from now on and i'm quite happy to shout "how high" when they tell me to jump.

The house itself ?

500 yards away from the last one, we've lost one living room downstairs and the bedrooms are slightly smaller, other than that its not a lot different and we've cashed in nearly £40k less £10k expenses for selling and removing we reckon we'll have around £7k in our pockets by this time next week, not a lot of cash and it will be spent on stuff (like the wireless network) for the new house but the cash isn't important, its the non-reliance on credit that will be good and going forward from here I can see that this house removal is the best thing we have ever done - a home is what we still have in this new house, a house is just bricks, glass and plastic, people make the home and the one around the corner that we left yesterday is someone elses home now - we move forward from here now and never look back..

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