Friday, March 16, 2007

Would you buy double glazing from this company ?

I'm not sure what to make of this.
Yesterday evening we had a call from a young lad who introduced himself as being from Anglian Home Improvements and who suggested that our new house (not so new actually, built in 1955), might benefit from new pvc soffits and guttering - it was a fair call and so I arranged for a salesman to attend today.

Salesmen hate dealing with me, I love to make life hard for them, won't tell them how much we're prepared to spend or how much weve already been quoted, they just have to tell us their best price and then I'll think about it - I have one rule, never give them an order on the same day.

Someone rang from Anglian this morning to confirm the appointment and a chap duly turned up, measured for the pvc cladding and also for a door and two small windows, gave us a price and then knocked a big lump of money off because he "had a special offer on", then he asked me what I thought of it, adding that it was "a great price wasn't it ?"

"I don't know" I told him, "let me think about it over the weekend"

His bottom price was eventually £1200 for the doors and windows and £2100 for the gutters etc.

They may be good prices, I haven't really a clue and can't get excited about a door so might not even take the trouble to check.

But when I asked for a quote in writing from him he got a bit defensive and told me that they don't give written quotations, which I thought strange for a company like Anglian who have been around for forty years and are well known in their business, they don't seem like cowboys to me but why won't they put anything in writing ?

Sent him on his way with a sort of vague promise to let him know on Monday, maybe I'll have forgotten all about him on Monday, after all I don't know who he is now and for all I know I could have got his prices wrong, all in all it was a pretty pointless visit that he made if he left no trace behind of his being here.

What a strange way to do business.


Ian said...

It is all headology- bait the hook and reel them in.

Gary said...

I can't wait for him to ring back on Monday night for me to tell him I don't know who he is and, "what price ?"