Wednesday, March 21, 2007

They've got a nerve haven't they ?

News today that 70's popular music combo The Bay City Rollers are sueing their former record company Arista Records for millions in unpaid royalties is greeted with dismay by three quarters of the Jerrychicken household whilst the remaining 25% is looking forward to much more news coverage on the favourite group from her teeny years.

The Bay City Rollers...
What ?
The photograph ?
I don't know, google images have it listed under "Bay City Rollers" so it must be them.

Anyway, the Bay City Rollers, are claiming that after selling in excess of 70 million albums worldwide, Arista records have only ever paid them one royalty payment of approx £133,000 each - now I'm no smart businessman, I'm not even good at maths, but if we estimate the cost of an album in the 1970's as being £5 then, ooh, erm, thats a lot of record money and not much royalty isn't it - methinks that the tartan clad, scream and hysteria inducing, fresh faced twats may have a point.

Some years ago I was invited to a Leeds city centre pub to watch "Les McKeown's Bay City Rollers", I declined of course but I know some people who went and who are prepared to admit that they went under protection of anonymity, without fail the males all state that it was embarrassing to watch a former pop idol playing gigs in pubs while the females who went remember nothing as they had all fainted by the time the granny-killing failed drug dealer came on stage.

Other Rollers have more mundane jobs now, one is working as a nurse in a hospital and another is a plumber, I just can't imagine the state my wife would be in if she found Woody under the sink in our kitchen fixing a leaky tap, the tap probably wouldn't be the only thing that was leaking that day.

In their defence Arista Records have stated that they haven't handed over any further royalties because they "didn't know who to pay", which to be honest is a fairly staggering defence line - "who do we pay" says the Arista Records accountant, "those five scottish chaps out in reception" says an assistant, "how do I know they are The Bay City Rollers ?" asks the accountant, "after all they look nothing like this photo I found on Google Images this morning" he adds, peering hard at his computer monitor, "who else would dress in trousers that are too short for them, trimmed with tartan, wear scarves tied to their wrists, and sound so fucking awful that the police have been called ?" and the assistant has a point, "I still don;t know" says the accountant, "I think we'll look for these old people in this Google Images photo instead, they look like a nice family..."

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