Monday, March 19, 2007

We can expect a lot of this...

Sheffield MP and apparent Sports Minister Richard Caborn has started the 2012 London Olympics spin doctoring early, or on the other hand he's pitching in late after last weeks "estimate for the final budget" revelations.

In an interview on the BBC's Politics Show he insisted that the London-centric spend for the Olympics would benefit the Yorkshire area because...well...because.

Richard is of the opinion that lots of "foreign teams" will be looking for bases in the UK during the Olympics and that Yorkshire will be an ideal place to come, and, erm, thats the benefit.

To give him the benefit of the doubt I'll go along with the fact that an Olympic team like, for instance, the USA will totally ignore the fact that the Olympic village is in South London and instead will park their collective, and sometimes very large, arses in a town or city in Yorkshire instead. On competition day the 100 metres sprinters for instance will get up early from their guest houses in Scarborough, very early, and gather ont he promenade for a quick and bracing jog before boarding the team bus for their four hour drive to London and their four hour queue around the M25 to get to the athletics stadium.

Of course thats what will happen Richard.

So the £9billion isn't that much money after all, not if its going to be spread all around the country like you say it will.

So thats alright then.

I sometimes wonder if politicians really believe the stuff they get told to say by their party spin doctors or if they sit there in the TV studios with their hands behind their backs with fingers firmly crossed chanting "I'm not lying, I'm not lying, I'm not lying..."

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