Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Moving Day -2

Two more days to house removal day.
I am officially off work now for the next ten days.
But I'll be in the office this morning, to do the post.
Its what happens when you own a business, you never get away.

Not for much longer though.

Moving Day -2 involves me geting dirty for a change. until now Suzanne has done most of the packing whilst I have been down at the office, our house now resembles Steptoe's living room with boxes and random goods blocking every doorway and forcing one to walk sideways in every room whilst all cupboards are now completely bare and scrubbed out rady for the new occupiers who are paying a hefty price to live in this house - they will learn as we have that certain addresses come at a price and maybe one day in the future they will reach the same decision that we have - its not worth it.

Because the purchasers have two small children they do not want my big, dangerous, deep pond leaving in the garden and so one of todays tasks is to drain it - easily done with the aid of a fine submersible pump in my possession (purchased to regularly pump out the basement of another house we used to own), the tricky bit being the capture of a dozen rather large Golden Orfe fish.

Its true that I could have simply knocked the fish on the back of the head and strewn them on the lawn for the seagulls and crows to take away, but I've had them for several years now and I can't do that, so instead they will be living in two large tubs (which I hope I can carry) for four days until I can erect a temporary pond in the new garden pending construction of the wonderful new above ground fish accomodation that I have in mind - Suzanne seems to think that this will be a small construction project, she knows nothing.

Other tasks today include dismantling all of the computer and TV equipment network in the house, a not so insignificant task as there are wired links to every room in the house here in geeksville - a wireless network awaits in the new house, or at least it will after I've popped down to PC World and invested in one, thats another job for me to do.

And thats the difference between men and women - whilst Suzanne is talking of colour schemes for each room I am working out the optimum location for the wireless computer network hub, I've bought a wireless burlglar alarm and cctv systme on eBay and in my mind am considering their installations, but the thing that has occupied my thoughts for weeks now is how to construct the new pond - railway sleepers or blockwork clad with timber to match the magnificent decking that is to follow as part of the same project, straight after I have built the conservatory of course.

I may need more then ten days off work.

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