Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yeah baby...

Our new house is very groovy baby.
It has a circular fire surround.
And a decor based on brown and cream.
Yeah baby, yeah.
Like, its sooooooo groovy.

Most of the rooms continue the brown/cream theme and while its all been professionally done its not really to our immediate taste, so today sees a visit to B&Q for paints, rollers and other implements of decoration to obliterate Austin Powers from our life.

The circular fireplace can stay though, its groovy.

In other news the fish are now swimming in clean, clear water after spending two days confined to a large bucket, the temporary pond was quickly erected yesterday from concrete blocks and a small cheap pond liner, so I have a few weeks grace now in planning and erecting the proper pond whilst trying to persuade Suzanne that it won't really look that big when its finished - it will.

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