Thursday, March 08, 2007

Moving Day -1

Nearly packed
And then just when you think you're nearly packed you remember that you've left some stuff in the loft.

On one of our house moves many years ago I was just walking out of the empty house, locking the door when something nagged my brain and I went back in and looked in the understair cupboard - it was crammed full of stuff with no more room in the car to put it.

The pond is drained down to the last foot of water now, another 30 minutes of pumping should see us down to the sump and then I get my little fishing net out and slip-slide inside the pond to get me-self some fishes, and frogs, I seem to have collected dozens of frogs in my pond over the years and they came hopping out of everywhere yesterday when I was removing the filtration pipework - in recognition of their good work in the garden I have saved their frogspawn in a bucket and will be re-homing it in my to-be-built new pond at the new house, the frogs themselves will have to hop across my garden and take up residence in my neighbours pond today because there is no way that I am going to attempt to catch them, store them somewhere, then transport them to the new house, their spawn offspring will have to do although its likely that the fish will eat most of the tadpoles when they hatch.

Everything else in the house is in a box now, hundreds of boxes stacked up high inthe house and today will see the arrival of two men and a van to load up everything that we don't need in our house for our last night there tonight, so thats everything apart from a setee and the TV and cable box then.

My task for today is to collect another van to load up all of the stuff that the removal men won't take which basically translates to the two gas bottles for the bbq and patio heater, in the meantime my Nissan Estate car which would have done the job perfectly well is still at the Nissan dealer, five days now to fix a fault that they still can't find and they are now awaiting news from Nissan HQ as to hy and what the fault is, ho-hum.

May not post tomorrow for obvious reasons, nor Saturday unless NTL live up to their promise and actually do connect our cable to t'interweb, I'm not holding my breath though.

Time to go a-fishin'...

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