Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pond update...

At the rugby match tonight (Leeds won - hooray) I was asked by several concerned readers if the pond construction project had yet reached its climax.

I'm pleased to report that this morning I topped up the last two inches of the pond whilst holding my breath and crossing every protuberance on my body with another protuberance, it held, the 3x3 timbers, 5" screws and lots of steel plates seem to be doing the trick and the pond is now clad with decking boards and looks very contemporary I must say, very Knightsbridge and far too posh for this neighbourhood.

The electrics are also complete and so I moved the filter and pump across from the temporary pond to the new posh one and having achieved that in double quick time there was nothing left to do except move the fish too - they are now happily swimming around in their new deep home and have eaten the food I scattered upon their domain tonight so they're not too stressed out then.

No all I have to do is go out and buy enough decking for the 150 or so square feet of multi-direction, multi level deck that I have all designed up in my head, complete with LED lighting and other good stuff, it will cost a kings ransom but it's got to be better than a friends efforts last year, I cannot bear for him to have a better deck than me and I'm already in the lead as he hasn't got a pond built into his.

Hey-ho, another busy day tomorrow.
How fortunate that this good weather seems to be here to stay.

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