Wednesday, April 18, 2007

That reminds me...

The news that two people have been cautioned for stealing other peoples wireless broadband connections, or specifically "dishonestly obtaining electronic communications services with intent to avoid payment." is one of those "flag" moments, one of those moments when a little flag pops up in your brain and you remember to remind yourself of something that you forgot to remind yourself of several weeks ago.

I must put some security on our wireless network at home.

I installed it a few minutes after moving into the house at the begining of March, I get my priorities in the right order me, but because all of the computers weren't yet unpacked and they hadn't had the wireless gubbins installed int hem yet I left the security issue so that it would be easy to install the pc's later.

And it still sits there merrily transmitting a free broadband connection to any geek who walks past with a laptop - I know at least one other family of geeks live int he street because I can see their wireless connection on my laptop, unlike me though they have secured theirs - presumably they can see my connection and so when they want to download the anthology of Linda Lovelace they'll just log on as me - blame me officer, everyone else does in this house.

I had an email from a friend several weeks ago with a list of things to do to protect our wireless connection but it was so intricate and so flaming geeky that even as I was reading it I was thinking "if I do all this I'll lock myself out of my own internet connection and never see it again", so if you're reading this Danny, send those instructions again, in English this time, or better still come around and do it for me.

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