Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You shouldn't laugh really...

Shouldn't laugh really.
But I love this story

A Batley dentist stands before the General Dental Council accused of "unhygenic practices".

He admits to not getting into the habit of wearing latex gloves for all patients but denies using sterile dental tools to clean his ears and also to urinating in the surgery sink - his explanation to the Council of the urinating in the sink incident where a nurse is said to have witnessed the event, is that she was mistaken as he was cleaning his teeth instead.

No me neither.

How the hell do you make cleaning your teeth look like you're pissing in a sink ?

The only thing that could improve this story is if he'd actually used one of the instruments,
one of those pointy things that end up getting stuck in the gaps between your teeth, to clean his ears whilst doing an inspection on one of his patients when he stopped and scratched his arse with it before continuing with the treatment.

Better still he could have finished the inspection and started telling the patient about the treatment needed whilst walking across to the sink, unzipping his trousers and taking a piss while continuing to talk over his shoulder at the patient.

Personally I don't see anything wrong in any of that.

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