Sunday, August 12, 2007

early one morning ...

In mellow mood today after a late night, well, more like an early morning really, so what better than a Clifford T Ward chanson ?

The problem with late nights/early mornings is that my head still wakes up at the same time so if I go to bed at 3am I wake up again at 6am, the world is a nice place at 6am on a sunday and I can't understand the concept of a "lie-in" but I wish the head would allow a little leeway.

Still, it was a good party, a housewarming for an old friend and we learned something new last night - the police won't get involved with disturbance of the peace calls until after midnight, they made two visits to tell us that last night so we also know now that she's got at least two new neighbours who don't like party's in the street.

It was a noisy affair though, they are a thespian family and a lot of fellow thespians were there, they are a noisy bunch but when they bring their teenage offspring who want to perform with their rock band in the open garage and you end up with forty or so people stood out in the street listening to a range of Queen and Who songs performed not-too-shabbily by 18 year olds then you can almost understand the neighbours calling the police, almost but not quite the miserable bastards.

And the lad who wants to be in a boy band was there so he'd brought his kareoke CD as well and we had to listen to his quite good Ronan Keating impressions for half an hour in the back garden too, and that got quite noisy when he sang a medley of hits from "Joseph".

All the time that the thespians were making merry we lads were sat under a gazebo making fire, its a man thing, our friend has no chimenea to burn things in - how extraordinary, every home should have one - but she did have a tiny little minature one that is supposed to have candles burning gently in it, tiny little candle chimenea's can burn twigs and stuff just as well when you pour candle wax down the chimney, we found out, what fun, its a man thing, a sort of man-creche operated under the gazebo last night as the women sat around chatting or acting out the latest George Bernard Shaw or joining in the Andrew Lloyd Weber kareoke - and we burnt things in a candle chimenea.

I'm tired this morning though.


Ms Jones said...

Wonderful Song! one of my all time favorites. :)

Gary said...

I looked for "Where did we go wrong" but its not listed, that ones even better although CTW could have repeated the last verse to make the song longer like Justin Hayward did when he had a hit with it.

Ms Jones said...
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