Sunday, August 12, 2007


Had to add this one to my mellow day...

Ignore the ridiculous garb and showmanship of Mr Stewart and listen first of all to his voice doing an excellent rendition of an old Etta James blues song "Rather go Blind", voice and song married in perfect harmony.

Whilst doing that you should also listen out for the Hammond organ playing of Ian McLagan - I love the sound that the Hammond makes, whether its an actual Hammond or a synthasized wannabe, Alan Price's work with The Animals on an actual Hammond is superb and more than makes up for the fact that Eric Burden has a face that I want to be first in line to punch.

And then, with voice and Hammond Organ pinned down, sit back and let the craftsmanship of Ron Wood and the guesting Keith Richards steal your soul, mould it into something you thought it would never be then hand it back to you wringed out at the end of the song - they could be twins and are perfect foils for each other.

This recording can be nailed down to 1974 (ish), Ronnie Lane, The Faces original bass player and formative leader, had left in 73 to persue a solo career and the band split at the end of 74 with Ron Wood joining Keith Richards at the Rolling Stones where he was simply an employee for many years until the Stones management made him a full shareholder in their global brandname.

Today may get mellower, if it does I will probably fall over backwards.

PS - I had my hair cut like Ron Woods in 73 and for many years stole my mothers hairspray to keep it that way - look at it now, what on earth did my mothers hairspray have as an active ingredient that Ron Woods mothers hairspray didn't ?

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