Saturday, August 18, 2007


A postscript to those who have been good enough to contact me via various resources regarding Amanda's University vs Job decision - she rang both jobs yesterday and explained that she wanted at the very least a day release scheme to study for some bone fide qualifications and neither place were willing to discuss that, she told them that in that case she wouldn't be interested.

I don't really understand that attitude from two very large companies in their respective fields , they both seemed to be of the impression that an 18 year old joining at the bottom of their ladder could not possibly be interested in bettering their positions - still, their loss.

So its Leeds Uni in the bag then and three more years of "Dad, can you help me with this ?" and when I sit down to write her thesis she buggers off to the pub.

Thanks for all the advice folks.


Island Girl said...

Well, I'm pleased, I think University will be great.

Now, make a start on that thesis, dad. Never to early to begin research!

Dan said...

Yes, there is nothing quite like the independence/lack of responsibility of University.

Ms Jones said...

There is also, Dad! Dad! Daddy!!!I have to travel too.. (Gap Yr) pleeeease.