Thursday, August 09, 2007

The standard of candidate is falling...

A quick post before this one falls off the memory bank.

Was sitting in a customers reception today waiting to see IT-man, said customer being a staff agency that specialises in supplying thick kids for warehouse work.

Two such thick kids are sat next to me, one helping the other fill in an application form for a heavy box lifting job, the football shirt clad one doing the helping has obviously done this before, the shell suit clad one applying has obviously not.

"You 'ave to sign it at bottom" football shirt says, pointing to the place
"Where ?" shell suit asks as if not sure where the bottom of the page is
"There" says football shirt "Sign your name" in case there is any doubt
He signs
"Put your birthday" football shirt advises, "There" and points again.
"What ?" says shell suit
"Your birthday"
"What ?"
"The day you were born"
"Don't know"
"You don't know ?"
"You must do"
"What day is your birthday"
"April 19th"
"Well write that down"

I swear thats exactly what was said, word for word, I hope shell suit doesn't get to lift any heavy boxes that I might ultimately buy.

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Island Girl said...

Probably they are also breeding.

I bet they need the lifting work to support their wee families.

Oh well, bless 'em, I suppose.