Thursday, August 16, 2007

How Sod's Law Works...

Amanda, the oldest of the two offspring, 19 in a handfull of weeks has been dreading this day for weeks and weeks - the day of the A level results.

She has had a provisional acceptance from Leeds University to go and study business accounting but of course needs the grades.

And as school finished (for good) for her and with a young lady's clothing and entertainment budget to finance she has been looking for work these past few weeks, her night time bar job brings in money and tips but she hates it, in particular she hates the chef there as does everyone by the sound of it - why do "burger and salad in three different ways" chefs act like twats, surely they don't imagine themselves to be Gordon Ramsey do they ?

So she's been shoving her CV through as many office doorways as she could and she's registered with a couple of staff agencies and sent in an application for a permenant job with one eye on the possibility that she won't get the grades and may have to take Plan B with full time employment and day release study.

Plan B is my idea by the way, I drill it into them all the time to always have a Plan B, you don't get suprised or disappointed that way, I sometimes have Plan C and Plan D too.

And nothing came of her efforts, her friends all have day jobs working in clothing stores and the like, but she gets nothing, she gets the shitty end of the stick sometimes.

So today comes and she logs onto UCAS and she is accepted by Leeds which means that her grades are good enough, and so they should be with the hard work she's done over the past two years, the stories in the news media that exams are getting easier simply because grades are getting better really annoy me after seing just how much work the kids put into their courses and just how pressurised they are to succeed - it fooking annoys me plenty actually that our press just cannot accept that perhaps standards are improving.

Anyway, she got the grades, she got her place and I am as proud as the proudest thing you can imagine, she's already gone further int he education system than any of my family, or Suzannes family, ever have, ever and now she's the first one in our lineage to got to University - tell me that standards have fallen to allow this to happen and I'll marry my fist with your newly squashed nose.

And then sods law happens.

Two hours after receiving her results, ten minutes after signing the acceptance form for Leeds University, two minutes after returning from the post box where she's posted it, she gets a phone call...

...its from the place where she applied for a full time job as a personal asistant to one of the directors at a large construction company and they tell her that if she's still interested in the job then can she call in for an interview.

So now she doesn't know whether she wants Uni or full time employment with money to burn.

And then...

...half an hour later another company who have been the recipient of her CV ring and ask if she'd like to come in for an interview for a trainee legal assistants job.

Thats sods law.


John_D said...

Y'know - you saying that your eldest is the first of your lineage to go to uni.....
You realise you sound like my parents. And my in-laws.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's great!

Is there a Reader Poll? Let's have a Reader Poll.

I vote for University, she'll have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

And congratulations!

Gary said...

John - I don't sound like my father, he'd have believed me if I'd told him I was flying to the moon, but not university.

Island Girl - My money is on the money, £15k a year for a first job is very attractive when you have clothes and shoe shops to visit every day of the week.

But Why? said...

Congratulations, indeed!

How lovely for your daughter to be in a situation where every decision is a good one. What an excellent problem to have...

But xx