Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And the next caller is a nutter...

I seem to have been nominated as the official administrator for Ned and Pauls "up Great Britiain" bike ride, I now get early morning phone calls informing me of their intended destination with a request that I book their accomodation for the night - I think they were impressed with the four star hotel that I found on the edge of Loch Lomond for them last night, hope they didn't use the sponsorship money to pay for it.

Todays destination is Speay Bridge which is apparently near to Ben Nevis (see Fort William on map below) so I guess that today will be the highest part of the ride in altitude terms, not that they will be bothered by altitude, riding at less than 4000 feet but still, I hope the hilly bits are nice and steep for them, they sounded far too bright and bubbly this morning.

The attention that they are getting in these no-horse towns also seems to be going to their heads, my other task this morning was to find out what the local radio station is int he highlands and to contact them, giving them Neds mobile number so that they can do an interview, no doubt listened to by four farmers, a couple of bed-ridden old ladies and four hundred cows in their milking stalls, still, if it keeps them happy I've contacted Moray Firth Radio for them, on the slender chance that anyone knows what it is or where the hell it is then you might hear of two nutters on a bike this morning.

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