Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision Song Contest

I broke one of lifes rules last night - the one that states "thou shalt not watch the Eurovision Song Contest for it be shite"

But I watched it anyway, and it was shite and if I could have yesterday evening back again then I'd spend it delivering charity appeal envelopes, or saving kittens from wells, or fostering small black children from newly created african countries, something creative or worthwhile or newsworthy.

Instead I sat through Eurovision.

That is to say I sat and watch all of the 24 terrible performances, I couldn't bear to watch the voting section after that as it had given me a headache and so I took aspirin and went to bed - this morning I read that Serbia won and I'm not suprised at all that I can't remember what the Serbian entry was like even after seeing a photograph of them.

For those not of a European persuasion the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual televised song competition, but you'd probably worked that out for yourself already. It was founded in 1956 in the enthusiastic brave new technological world and seven European television companies chipped in a few hundred quid each and bought themselves the right to impose one full evening of dire TV upon their citizens every year inperpetuity.

Its grown since then and now includes countries that no-one else has ever heard of outside of Eurovision, invented countries that at least give us ten seconds of amusement as we try and pronounce their names, last nights competition kicked off with BosniaandHerzogovenia, spelled just like that on screen and it took three reads before I realised who they meant.

We also had the translated subtitles on screen so that we could understand what the Johnny Foreigner ones who refused to sing in English were singing about, quite frankly I wish we hadn't bothered as the translations all turned out to be the same song with a few words re-arranged here and there, except Irelands song, which finished 24th out of 24and consisted of a crazy looking female singing about springtime and talking to flowers, if she wasn't popping LSD tablets before during and after the competition then I'll eat my hat.

Jodie noticed pretty quickly that the translated lyrics in Johnny Foreigners songs didn't rhyme, so they must be crap then, and whilst I couldn't disagree that they were crap it took some explaining to convince her that the lyrics probably rhymed in the original Johnny Foreigner language but didn't necessarily have to rhyme when translated into English - we both ended up agreeing that it was crap anyway.

The UK entry was by a singing group (I use the word "singing" with caution) who were so bad that they were disbanded by their record company some years ago and then reformed recently when said record company realised that the BBC were looking for a really bad singing group to enter into Eurovision.

If you have never seen "Scooch" then consider your self lucky and under no circumstances go searching for them on YouTube, your life will never be the same after plunging to the depths of poorness that is Scooch. Imagine the sort of singing group that you see performing on a very bad childrens TV programme, the sort that is aimed at the under 3's and thankfuly televised while the rest of the world is either at work or asleep at 7am on a saturday morning - dayglo outifts, perma-fixed smiles, a general air of squeaky-cleanliness but with the obligatory extremely camp member who makes cheeky quips and innuendos for the parents to giggle to, yes they really are/were that bad.

The UK would have faired much better if they had entered the singing kids from Seseme Street.

However its over for another year and I still have the headache this morning, its a mistake that I will not make again next year and I have already marked in my diary to ensure that next May I am in Umslobogoland with a reporter from OK! magazine picking out a small black child from an orphanage there, whilst smiling with a Scooch-stylee perma-fix smile.

PS - The BBC, who we citizens actually pay good money to present this trash to us, feel so moved by the whole eurovision thing that they have posted a series of photos on their web site today - view with caution for Scooch are in there somewhere.


Island Girl said...

It's a shame you didn't stay up for the results. As England slipped further and further behind the leaders Terry Wogan began bemoaning what he termed "Eastern block voting" - no pun intended, I greatly fear.

Gary said...

I couldn't bear it any longer, it was as bad as I always remembered it to be and when Terry Wogan gives the job up then christ knows what they'll do.