Saturday, May 26, 2007

What to do with this weekend...

Another bank (public) holiday weekend dawns bright, warm and sunny, I love this new meditteranean climate that global warming has brought to the UK, time was when the two May public holiday weekends would be stormy and wet in accordance with the other 50 weekends that used to be the weather system in the UK.

Now though we awaken almost without fail to sunny mornings, not always hot, but clear skies abound on most days, the downside being that there isn't as much rain as there used to be but I'll gladly sacrifice half of the UK's rainy days per year for a bit of sun on my face, christ knows what sort of eather the mediterranean-ees are getting now though.

Having said that the forecasters are in "gloomy" mode and are telling us that it will rain shortly, certainly before today is out and that by tomorrow it will be cold and wet in accordance with tradition.

Time to get some building and planting done in the garden then.

When we moved into this house the previous residents had made a good start on the front and back gardens by clearing them and laying shale and gravel down on at least 50% of the previously grassed surface, it looks fairly good and in accordance with the contemporary interior of the house (we've got a circular fireplace in the front room, no I don't know why either, its too frikkin hot to use), the coloured gravels and shales are laid out in unusual shapes, nice but that is as far as the coloured hardcore needs to go.

I needed a pond and my trials and tribulations upon building the pond are well documented but now the pond has been extended by a raised deck area with inset planting spaces, its not finished yet but one of the planters now has seagrass blowing in it, shielding a large laughing buddha (he just looks right, no religious connections, he actually looks like a friend of mine, hello Rodney) and the other planter was to have an Acer tree in it but the one that has arrived from the grower is a bit small at the moment so in that planter will go a Fushcia that is currently growing near to the house, just where the conservatory is going to be build through the winter - yes we have a lot of plans to fulfill don't we ?

Todays jobs will include finishing off the hedge trimming that was stopped a few weeks ago by the nest of blackbirds (do keep up, its all in here somewhere) and the building of some six foot high trellis down the side of the garage to hide its ugly appearance, I've got some young honeysuckle and jasmine plants to grow up the trellis in the years to come and need to get them into the ground this weekend.

If all this sounds like I'm a keen gardener then no, I'm not, I didn't touch one single element of the garden in the previous two houses but theres something about this one that makes me want to build things in it and I have to say its very satisfying is this gardening bug, I'm turning into a proper Percy Thrower me.

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