Thursday, January 25, 2007

Government will never solve anything

Two polarised news reports today show why Westminster is simply a House for Gobshites, a place where supposedly sensible level headed people gather together to talk nonsense and achieve little for five years, and then some of them are lucky enough to get to do it again for another five years, and so on...

News report #1 describes how, two years on from a declaration to halt the startling rise in obesity in young people, fookall has actually been achieved.

Yet another government commission (thats what government does well - it sets up "commissions" and "reports" really, really well) reports that "
There is no clear leadership among departments who have been confused and dithering" and that clear guidance is needed and lots more money thrown at the issue.

Chairman of the committe Ed Leigh, on TV this morning, insisted that with a complete lack of any descernable data, government inspectors should go into schools, weigh these overweight pupils and bring the parents to account - he sounded like a very level headed person who you'd trust implicitly to look after your childrens health and not the sort of person who wishes to embarrass, shame and disrespect anyone for being overweight - a wonderful public servant, no really.

News report #2 describes how yet another government commission has come to the conclusion that children in schools should be taught compulsory lessons in "British values", whatever they are.

They suggest that these "British values" lessons should include such gems as our nations history (I thought they did that in "History" lessons) and our reputation for "tolorance and respect " and just when I started thinking about some of the things that our British ancestors did to peoples of other nations in building this nation and its reputation of tolorance and respect I actully do read that the commission is suggesting that "British" lessons should include topics such as the slave trade and its part in our empire building.

But I have a better idea - merge the two commissions together and put Ed Leigh in charge of the resultant waffle and bullshit report - teach tolorance and respect in schools by sending in the weighing scales police and forcing pupils to be weighed in front of their classmates who will all be allowed to point and make fun of the really fat ones and then maybe the black kids could be made to clear up afterwards.

With idiots like Ed Leigh working on our behalf in parliament we can thank god that these commissions and committees actually never achieve anything except write a couple of hundred pages of crap, which is then presumably shredded as none of their suggestions ever make it out onto the streets.

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