Thursday, January 18, 2007

Yes, its a bit windy out there...

Following on from the "ITV News is sensationalist crap" shock, horror, dramatic revelation, we have high winds this morning in the UK.

"Big deal, so what, its January" I hear you say.

"Yes" I reply, "but these are, erm, big winds, rain, a smidgen of snow in the very far, far north of Scotland, terrible storms lashing the country, its not safe to go outside, lock your doors and windows and hide beneath the kitchen table..."

So says GMTV this morning.

GMTV, the morning tv franchise on the ITV channel has always led the way with sensationalist reporting and so it is with no suprise that we switch on this morning to find a whole plethora of reporters stood on seafronts and high streets in moderate wind and a bit of rain, trying to convince us that this weather is of armegedon proportions, "this wind", (reporter holds up wind meter as if to prove his case) "is gusting at nearly 70mph".

So thats a normal January wind then ?

Over to a reporter stood at the furthest north point of the very far north of Scotland and he's marvelling at the appearance of three snowflakes which, according to him, have drifted in the high street and will cause traffic problems this morning, "this is shocking weather" he informs us, shouting into the microphone whilst clutching his sou'wester to his head - I know, its shocking, snow in January, in Scotland, how awful.

Four tv crews are around the country this morning on GMTV, all trying to outdo each other with how bad the wind and rain is today, well folks, we've seen worse, what more can I say.

GMTV, a franchise of ITV, shocking us on a daily basis, for our own good.

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