Monday, January 15, 2007

On the night shift...

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible ...

I've screwed up...big style.

Doh !

I've cancelled the broadband connection down at the office.

Without arranging for the new connection to be made yet.

Doh !

Thought it was funny when the connection vanished at 11am this morning, by noon when it hadn't re-appeared I started to recall some paperwork that I'd ignored in the run-up to christmas, routed around in the "must do immediately" pile and found at the bottom, a red reminder to pay BT for the broadband connection dated 8th Dec.


The bas'tads have cut me off.

Which is actually what I told them to do back in November, they were supposed to do it on Jan 31st, which is the same date that Eurotel, our landline, mobile and everything else telcom-wise provider is scheduled to take up the broadband service, its the last little bit of remaining stuff that we have with BT and its only because I've ignored the fact that we're still, or rather were still with them.

So they trumped my ace and cut me off today instead of waiting - bollax.

Its a tad inconvenient trying to run a business without email and more importantly not having an internet conection to play on, christ almighty I might have to work to fill in the time tomorrow - fortunately the NTL connection at home is only two minutes away so thats alright then - but I'll be posting on here on an evening from now on instead of the morning - until further notice.

Eurotel said they'd try and speed up their connection but they're waiting for the MAC code from BT now, whatever that means - rang BT and they tried to persuade me to stay with them, I pointed out that Eurotel charge the same monthly fee as they do for an 8meg connection, BT's is only 2meg, the BT operator said I should be on an 8meg connection too but they haven't been too fast at stepping forward to offer upgrades in the past - Eurotel contact me every quarter to keep us right up to date - the BT man stopped trying to keep me when I asked him why they'd cut me off three weeks early, fortunately he didn't have access to the account and couldn't see the 75 day overdue bill so I got away with that moment of sarcasm.

Bugger, what the hell am I going to do for eight hours in the office tomorrow ?

Wonder if the Playstation 1 console will work on the TV in the workshop ?

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