Monday, January 15, 2007

M&S go carbon neutral...

News today that Marks and Spencer, that bastion retailer of the British high street aims to find itself "carbon neutral" within five years.

No I don't know what that means either.

But that link does - it says that a home or business which does things to reverse the effect of them simply being here on the planet can be called "carbon neutral".

No, I'm still lost.

Basically it means that every time M&S send a truck out from one of its warehouses to a store, then that truck is producing carbon emissions and so M&S will have to do something to neutralise those emissions, by, erm, planting trees for instance - in fact the only "for instance" that anyone can come up with to reverse the effect that you've just made, is planting trees.

M&S make big claims about checking the source of all of their products and reducing transportation distances - which is hilarious when you consider that M&S used to source all of their garments in the UK until ten years ago when they were responsible for the closure of dozens of manufacturers and thousands of jobs in their quest to source cheaper from the far east.

But even if you buy 10,000 pairs of knickers from down the road instead of Taiwan, you still are producing carbon in getting them to your outlets, so they'll reduce their carbon footprint but never will they completely erradicate it or neutralise it without planting a tree.

We're going to be over-run with fookin trees in this country within five years.

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