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Music Tips for 2007...

See the album in the picture ?

Buy it.

Last night I decided to have a look and a listen at the Napster top ten tips for 2007 and to listen to a couple of bands that had been suggested to me by others (results below), but one band stood head and shoulders above the others - Fried.

Unfortunately Napster only has two tracks by the band but you only need two tracks to recognise extreme quality when you hear it.

See that bloke walking behind the girl ?

Thats David Steel that is, former bandylegged, weird dancemonger, songwriter member of the Fine Young Cannibals and the story goes that he spent five years auditioning and searching for a female singer to do justice to his songs - and he's hit upon a real talent with New Orleans gospel singer Jonte Short (also in picture).

Reviewers have spoken of similarities to Lauryn Hill and Macy Gray, she's better than both of them put together Listening to those two short tracks on Napster restored my faith in the modern day use of the music phrase "R&B" - most usage of that word is superflous, the users not actually comprehending what the phrase means - Jonte Short has both rythmn and blues and soul, lots of soul, soul ouzes its way through every word - a comparison to Aretha Franklin would be in order if and when I finally manage to hear more from them.

I recommend this band to the house without hesitation.

The rest of my reviews ...

Napster Top Ten Tips for 2007.

The Rumble Strips - my notes say that the lead singer sounds like Kevin Rowland from Dexy's Midnight Runners, this should tell you everything you need to know - they are not bad and are worth another listen but not stand-out at the moment.

Scott Mathews - very good, listened to eight tracks of his last night and not one let me down, very laid back style, very easy to listen to, well worth looking out for.

Rishi Rich - a bangra influence, its crap.

Fields - interesting, my notes say 80's tech meets 60's "telstar" synthesizers - won't be looking them up again though.

30 Seconds to Mars - again worth a listen to but nothing special, bland is a word I use often where a band does not have a stand-out singer at the front - bland fits this band.

MSTRKRFT - absolute shite, this is the sort of all encompasing techno crap that you hear being played far too loudly in bars that you have to pay to get into, where everyone thinks the music is great but no-one has a clue who it is and they certainly don't buy the stuff deliberately except for those compilation albums called "Ibiza Banging" or similar where you get four cd's for eight quid and all forty tarcks are identical - avoid this steaming pile of crap.

Director - they were interesting, their dads obviously wore sta-prest trousers and loafers and payed a non-stop diet of ska in the house when they were kids because the influence is definitely there, as is some 60's psychodelia, worth another listen definitely.

other bands that were recommended to me last night...

The Gossip - excellent, very comparable to the band "Fried" that I mentioned right at the start, in fact I stacked up a Gossip track right above Fried last night and they drifted from one straight into the other, its suprising just how alike the two female singers are - and both have R&B and Soul in quantity - I strongly recommend this band.

Just Jack - interesting, you wouldn't object if you heard them in a bar, but bland, nothing particularly stands out about this band.

Arcade Fire - very good, at last a band with a singer with a distinctive voice, listened to several tracks of theirs last night and was not disappointed - recommended.

Cold War Kids - another distinctive vocal, another fine band, well crafted, well produced, I like these.

Two Gallants - likewise, another good find, they are on my "listen" list for sure.

One more artist that I've had recommended ...

Eric Bogle - a Scottish/Australian folk singer, completely different to all of the above, but writes some beautiful evocative songs, "scraps of paper" and "the band played waltzing matilda" are two of the most soul searching story songs that I've heard in many years.

So there you have it, my take on Napsters (and others) recomendations for 2007, enjoy...


If you're looking for an album by the band "Fried" then check the sleeve notes, you are looking for the soul band Fried with the lead singer Jonte Short - there is a heavy thrash band called "Fried" as well - they are complete unadulterated shite and you do not want to assault your earbuds with anything of that sort.

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