Saturday, January 20, 2007

Looks like we made it...

Well, we got there today, attempt number three.

Drove right around the car park again with no spaces to be seen and was just about to abort the mission again when...right there in front of me, and old codger puled his Nissan Micra out of a space, I had to brake to prevent running into him or else I'd have driven right past and pretended I didn't see the space.

So what was it all about then ?

She "just wanted to look"

What is this game that women play ?

"Just want to look" is no good reason to force a man to drive right the way across Leeds for three weekends in the vain hope that there may be one parking space free.

"Just want to look" is no good reason to spend an hour inside the store doing the Ikea shuffle, the old peoples walk where your left foot moves no more than its own length in front of your right foot, then repeat right to left several thousand times around the store, following the yellow brick road and the person in front, all stopping whenever someone twenty yards in front wants to point at something or feel some net curtains.

We left having bought some cups for 19p each, thats all.

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