Friday, January 19, 2007

Its a miracle !!!

Huzzah !!
Its a miracle !!!
We're back on line at the office - BT relented
I've still cancelled their service from the 31st though.

But thats not the miracle, oh no.
This is the miracle.

The bloke who was confined to a wheelchair in 1994 but who has been running competitvely since 2001 and has done several marathons, why they had to jail him yesterday I do not know.

OK, so he was drawing invalidity benefit and had told the DSS that he couldn't walk more then 55 yards and was permenantly confined to a wheelchair, but still...

Haven't they heard of miracles ?
Aren't our courts based on a belief in God ?
Don't witnesses have to swear on the bible any more ?

Surely a system that promotes the bible as all that is good and proper would believe a defence of The Almighty giving a crippled man the ability to selectively run marathons whilst still confining him to a wheelchair for the rest of the time in some sort of bizarre punishment ritual ?

I know I would if I were the judge.


SHYGALL said...

Just happened to come across your blog,, found it REALLY interesting,,LOVEDDD the moms deoderant story,, lol,,,,It reminded me of what my son did when he was 7,, he was having a bath,,was left alone after getting cleaned to "play" in the tub,, suddenly I hear a blood curdling scream come from the bathroom,, he had "experimented" and placed a weee piece of "zest" bar soap in his dicky,, he really shoved that little piece of soap in far,,, had to think quickly as he was turning pale and screaming,, told him to go pee,, figured it would push out the little piece of soap,, it did,, but the urine burned like hell going over the burning lining of his dicky,, its funny now, but then, I felt so sorry for him,, lol,, he learned not to put anything in there anymore, ,,,,,,I also really liked your art work,, I do abstract art,, (drawings,,sometimes use water paints),,When I start a picture, I havnt got a clue as to what Im going to draw,, they usually turn out kinda "freaky",, kinda use my drawings to escape reality I guess,, Yesterday I just started my blog,,,going to put some of my drawings on it eventually,, and keep a "diary",,,A blog gives you a chance to disclose all your feelings,, fears,,insecurities,, I have wanted to have one for a while,, but unlike you,, I dont really want family reading it,,theres so much in my mind that goes on,,so many things that I feel, yet wouldnt want ANYONE that knows me to know them,, I guess Im to "scared" to let people close to me know how and what I feel,, know some things in my life are wrong,,know somethings in my life Im chicken to change, but embarassed to admit,, ,,,,,,,I better stop now,, think Im rambling now and not commenting on your blog anymore,, my blog is,, come visit if you want,,just started yesterday so really nothing there, lol,,,but will be,, bye for now, ill keep visiting your blog,,, Stay safe,, ,,,Shygall,,

Gary said...

Thanks for the post !

The "Mum deodorant" was a bad moment, if I was a spy I'd tell all my country's secrets just so that the y didn't get the "Mum" out.

Look forward to seeing your blog and paintings, I'm trying to get some more of mine online at the moment but the bas'tads on that site have very high photography standards - I don't - so I have to re-photograph three of the latest paintings in natural light this weekend.

Let it all go on your blog - nobody ever reads this rubbish :)