Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A new game to play...

I don't know why this suddenly needs posting here but it does before the thought leaves my mind...

"Spot the Kydd" is a great game that is played in our household on many a sunday afternoon when all that is on TV are those crap British films from the 1940/50/60's - the only aim of the game being to spot where Sam Kydd makes an entrance.

And he always does.

If the film was made in England between 1940 and 1982 (when he died) then Sam Kydd will be in it, his IMBD entry lists 232 film and TV series appearances but do not think that it must therefore be an easy game to play, many of Sam Kydds roles were minor, very minor, so minor that its impossible to understand how he ever made a living at this acting mularky.

If you are struggling to find the Sam Kydd moment in a likely film then stop watching the main action for a moment and watch the passers-by in the background - Sam Kydd often plays milkmen, whistling as he delivers a pint to a doorstep down the road then never appearing again in that film - spotting him takes some doing but after a while you will become adept at "spotting the Kydd" and like me will find it impossible to take your eyes from the screen during a particularly crap sunday afternoon British film until you've achieved your objective, at which point you can finally turn the film off content in the knowledge that he's been and gone.

Or is it just another of my fixations ?

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